Frequently Asked Questions

Cats are welcome in your apartment. We no longer allow dogs in any ICM apartment as of 2008.  New pets need to be reviewed and approved before you bring an animal into your apartment.

We do not encourage satellite dish or DirectTV installation. If you explore this option, under no circumstances, will you be allowed to drill any holes into the roof or any masonry of the building and equipment may only be placed / mounted on your deck or porch.  You may request a dish letter via email at info@icmproperties.com.

You are required by your lease to purchase renters insurance.  ICM Properties, Inc. does not cover your personal property.  Purchasing renters insurance is the best way to protect yourself when renting an apartment.  Proof of insurance is required at time of move-in.

A “Back-up Sewer and Drain Endorsement for Personal Property” should be added to any insurance policy for any apartment that goes below ground such as a “garden” or “duplex down” apartment.

A good website to start your search for a quote is  www.rentersinsurance.net

We also recommend Chad Arnold @ State Farm Insurance; (847) 395-1321 or chad.arnold.uyi7@statefarm.com

It is important for you to change your address with the USPS before you move. This way you can make sure you receive your mail and it does not get sent to your previous address. A quick and easy way to do this is online at https://www.change-my-address.com. 

If you have recently moved out and new tenants receive your mail, they are instructed to write “return to sender” and have the post office find its rightful owner.

ICM does not give out any tenant information for mail retrieving purposes.

We hope you have a positive experience with us.  If you know of anyone looking for an apartment please refer them to ICM.  If they rent with us we will credit your account or send you a $500.00 referral bonus.  Even after you move out of an ICM building, you are still eligible to receive a referral Fee.

The tenant you refer must A) list you as the referring party on their application, B) sign a year lease, C) move-in, and D) maintain a balance of $0.00. Referral checks and credits are usually applied or mailed out after the tenant has lived with us for 45 to 60 days.  Please note, ICM does not pay a referral fee for sublets, re-lets, transfers, outside agencies or new roommates.

You will receive a lease extension in the mail approximately 90 days prior to your lease expiration date. There will be instructions to follow in order to renew your lease or to inform ICM that you are moving. You will need to inform ICM if you plan to renew no later than 60 days prior to your lease expiration date. If you do not inform ICM of your plans to renew, ICM will assume that you are moving. If you do not receive a lease extension in the mail, please contact ICM immediately.

If your lease is expiring and you need to return your keys, please drop them off at the ICM main office by no later than midnight on the last day of your lease. Be sure to remember to put the keys in an envelop with your old address on it. Be sure to include your forwarding address.

A late fee will be assessed after the 5th day of the month.  Late fees are assessed at $10.00 for the first $500.00 of rent, plus 5% for any amount above $500.00

If you have a maintenance request you may place it through your Resident Portal, email maintenance@icmproperties.com, or call the maintenance hotline at )773) 549-5632. Please provide your address, unit number, phone number with the request. If you have an engineer for your building, please contact your engineer. View Engineer List

Your new roommate must fill out an application and be approved to reside in your apartment. Have your new roommate complete the online application. Contact us once that is done with your address, unit number, and name of new roommate. There is a $50.00 application fee per person. Once the new roommate has been approved they will also need to pay our standard Administrative Fee.  You can read more about adding a roommate and subleasing here.

If you are locked out of your apartment, ICM will do their best to get you back in your apartment during business hours only. If your building has an engineer assigned, you can call them directly. (View Engineer List) If you are locked-out during the weekend or at nighttime, as per your lease agreement it will be your responsibility to contact a locksmith. Any cost incurred because of lockouts shall be your responsibility.

We recommend Amazing Lock Services, Inc.  We have a pre-negotiated after hours rate set up with them:  773-935-8900.

If you need to sublet your apartment, click here for information.

If your rent payment is returned to ICM for any reason, you will incur a $35.00 fee. This fee is not negotiable and must be paid immediately.

Rent is due on the first of the month and is considered late after the fifth of the month.  Fees are assessed at $10.00 for the first $500.00 of rent, plus 5% for any amount above $500.00

You may pay rent online through your Resident Portal. Otherwise, rent checks can be mailed or dropped off to ICM Properties, Inc., 3080 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657.