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Pay Online


We are transitioning to a new resident portal and have sent e-mail invitations to all tenants.

If you are currently signed up for auto-pay through PayLease, please be sure to cancel your existing auto-pay immediately following the set-up of auto-pay in your new resident services portal (see How to Cancel PayLease Auto-pay, below).

All future payments should be made through our NEW Resident Portal. This new portal will replace the existing online system allowing tenants to:

  • Review balances and transaction history
  • Make payments or schedule recurring auto-payments
  • View linked accounts in one easy to navigate window

Note: To have your invitation to the new portal re-sent, or for assistance with registration, please e-mail Noreen at nramos@icmproperties.com.

How to Cancel PayLease Auto-Pay

  • Log in to your PayLease account, below.
  • Click on the Recurring Payment tab
  • Select Cancel

For assistance with this process, please contact PayLease at (866) 729-5327 or visit support.paylease.com.

DISCLAIMER: PayLease charges a 3% fee for all credit card transactions. Payments made via ACH or E-check are free to all tenants.

Click here to pay online